Art meets Literature

nylon Art story

Erotic Artworks

Nylon erotic collectibles from art and literature

Patrizio Kroyani

Master of visually stunning nylon eroticism.
His watercolor paintings from the "Nylon Girls, Kaffee und Spray" series are the basis of this series.

Valerie Nilon

The master of erotic nylon literature.
Each volume contains one of her novels and serves as inspiration for Patrizio Kroyani.


"Nylon Art Story" 
series is a coveted collector's item, available in bookstores worldwide.

The Men's Study

The first art volume contains 80 premium color pages of erotic watercolor images of a girl in a golden evening dress and black pantyhose from the "Nylon Girls, Kaffee & Spritz" series, which can also be ordered individually as wall decorations on canvas, as posters or acrylic paintings in any size.
The story is about a young psychology student who wants to write a thesis on male sexuality and makes herself available as a sex object.

Artbook Pocketbook (B/W)


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